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how to care for begonia plants

Spotlight on Begonia elatior

The begonia is known for its brilliant, frilly flowers and deep green, shiny foliage. This easy-to-grow, flowering... Read More

How to care for your indoor palms

Pamper your indoor plants

As the weather cools during winter, channel your gardening itch towards your indoor plants and show them a little love... Read More

How to care for your indoor palms

How to care for your indoor palms

Beautifully sleek and elegant, palms are easy to care for and add a jungle-chic tone to your home. They’re best in... Read More

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Indoor plants for a good night’s sleep

There are a variety of plants that not only bring life to your living spaces, but also have amazing relaxing and... Read More

Edible Indigenous South African Plants


Commonly known as mother-in-law’s tongue for its sharp leaves, the snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) is a stylish... Read More

Festive Flowers

Festive Flowers

  Get your garden up to speed for the summer festive season by festive shades of red, white and green that will add... Read More

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How to care for Indoor Plants

Be sure that your plants get light - Plants need light! Identify how much natural light is available (and needed) for... Read More

Indoor Plants: Growing Kalanchoe

Indoor Plants: Growing Kalanchoe

Flowering kalanchoes are staples of the holiday and florist trade, with their cheery clusters of blooms on compact,... Read More

Caring for the cymbidium orchid| Stodels Garden Centre

Caring for the cymbidium orchid

The cymbidium orchid is regarded as the queen of winter indoor plants – their glorious blooms provide months of... Read More

Indoor Plants for medium light conditions

Indoor Plants for medium light conditions

There is no doubt that healthy indoor plants add a fresh appeal to your home. A delicate emerald-green fern can lift a... Read More


How to Care for your Orchid

Orchids are among the most spectacular of all flowering plants. They come in an infinite variety of colours, shapes and... Read More

Waterwise Indoor Plants_Stodels

Water wise indoor plants

Every plant requires a certain amount of care, but some can put up with (or even prefer) minimal tending. These... Read More

Plants that help you sleep!

Plants that help you sleep!

There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning all night, before being awoken by the sound of your alarm clock just... Read More

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Indoor plants for the office

Did you know that office plants can be good for you? It’s true. Not only can plants enhance the overall appearance in... Read More

Indoor plants: Guzmanias

Guzmanias are striking bromeliad plants. They feature long, narrow, shiny green leaves that rise from a deep central... Read More

Indoor plants: Caring for your peace lily

Of all the flowering house plants, a peace lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii) is one of the easiest to care for. In fact, it... Read More