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Spotlight on fynbos | Stodels Nursery

Spotlight on fynbos

There are over 9 000 species of fynbos, leaving gardeners spoilt for choice. These shrub-like plants are hardy and... Read More

growing your own vygies

Spotlight on vygies

The vygie plant, or Mesembryanthemums, are truly South Africa’s most colourful group. Their silky-textured flowers... Read More

tree sapling care

How to care for your tree sapling

It’s National Arbour Week on 3–9 September 2018 and we’re celebrating the importance of trees. Among many other... Read More

The top 5 reasons to plant indigenous South African plants

The top 5 reasons to plant indigenous South African plants

Gardens planted with exotic plants can be resource-intensive and high maintenance, requiring frequent watering, weeding... Read More

Edible Indigenous South African Plants

Edible Indigenous South African Plants

Food foraging is a global trend that is finding its way into news stories, restaurants and our everyday eating. Edible... Read More

How to identify a waterwise plant

How to identify a waterwise plant

When planning a water-wise garden, the main objective is to create a space that is both attractive yet thrives with... Read More

Drought-tolerant vs. Indigenous Plants

Drought-tolerant vs. Indigenous Plants

Local may be lekker, but not all indigenous plants are good options to grow in your garden during the drought. When... Read More

Indigenous Colour For Christmas

Indigenous Colour For Christmas

December is a festive time of year to appreciate our floral heritage but in times of drought we need to make sure that... Read More

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Pretty Pelargoniums

Indigenous pelargoniums are mainstays of the garden, providing instant colour for window boxes, containers on patios or... Read More

How to Grow Indigenous Spring Meadow

If you’re a fan of a natural looking garden, why not dedicate a few adjoining garden beds to the creation of your own... Read More

Bright and Cheerful Bokbaaivygies

Bright and Cheerful Bokbaaivygies Bokbaaivygies are an institution in South African gardens. Internationally referred... Read More

Indigenous treasures

Indigenous Treasures If you’re looking for low maintenance indigenous plants to add a burst of colour and... Read More

How and why to celebrate Arbour Week | Stodels Garden Centre

Why do we celebrate Arbour Week?

In September we celebrate Arbour Day and Arbour Week in South Africa – a time to plant trees and pay special... Read More

Clematis – Queen of the vines

Clematis - Queen of the Vines Clematis are often referred to as the “queen of the vines”, a term that is easy to... Read More

Indigenous Plant Focus : Strelitzia Reginae

Indigenous Plant Focus : Strelitzia Reginae Strelitzia reginae (also known as Birds of Paradise) is in its prime this... Read More

National Treasures

National Treasures In South Africa we are blessed with 360 species of proteas that grow effortlessly in the wild,... Read More