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Tips for gardening on a budget | Stodels Nursery

Tips for gardening on a budget

Gardening doesn’t have to break the bank, as long as you use what you have and let nature take its course. From... Read More

How to prepare your holiday garden | November 2018 | Stodels Nursery

Garden survival guide: How to prepare your holiday garden

The holiday season is upon us and while you are excitedly planning your vacation, don’t forget to add garden... Read More

growing your own vygies

Spotlight on vygies

The vygie plant, or Mesembryanthemums, are truly South Africa’s most colourful group. Their silky-textured flowers... Read More

tree sapling care

How to care for your tree sapling

It’s National Arbour Week on 3–9 September 2018 and we’re celebrating the importance of trees. Among many other... Read More

preparing for spring season gardening

Preparing to garden in spring

After a long, cold winter, we’re all itching to get back into the garden come spring! Before you break out your... Read More

how to care for begonia plants

Spotlight on Begonia elatior

The begonia is known for its brilliant, frilly flowers and deep green, shiny foliage. This easy-to-grow, flowering... Read More

Grow your own : Growing veggies from seeds

Growing your own food is immensely satisfying, easy to do and far cheaper than buying seedlings. Veggies that grow... Read More


The cyclamen is a popular houseplant – its vibrant flowers and interesting leaves make a striking addition to the... Read More

Grow Your Own: Microgreens

Sprouting microgreens is a delicious and fun cold-weather indoor gardening project for both adults and kids. Here’s... Read More

Spotlight on garlic

Late autumn to early winter is the ideal time to plant garlic. An essential element of cuisine across the globe, this... Read More

How to care for your indoor palms

Beautifully sleek and elegant, palms are easy to care for and add a jungle-chic tone to your home. They’re best in... Read More

Prune your plants during winter

Many plants benefit from a general pruning during the colder months. Because dense growth makes it very difficult for... Read More

How to plant a cheerful window box

Autumn is the ideal time to plant a window box. Fill it with vibrant winter-flowering annuals or spring-flowering bulbs... Read More

Guide to growing flower bulbs

Guide to growing flower bulbs

Spring bulbs are available in garden centres from the end of March until the end of April. They might not look like... Read More

Get your garden winter ready

The drought may have been thwarting your efforts for a thriving garden, but now is the perfect time to get some work... Read More

10 ways to revamp your garden

Winter is the ideal period to reassess your garden design as it is stripped down to its bare bones. You also won’t be... Read More