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Festive Flowers

Festive Flowers

  Get your garden up to speed for the summer festive season by festive shades of red, white and green that will add... Read More

Fragrant plants for your garden

Fragrant plants add a wonderful extra dimension to the sensory experience of your garden. Make sure you make the most... Read More

Garden Scents and Sensibility

Our sense of smell is an incredibly evocative sense, and it’s also the sense that lets us know that we’re really... Read More

Splendid Salvias

Add splashes of festive red, white and green to your garden beds by filling them with salvia seedlings. These... Read More

Scent-sational Gardening

Scent-sational Gardening One of the best aspects of gardening is that it stimulates all of our senses, and one of... Read More

How to Plant a Fragrant Garden

Plant a Fragrant Garden December means you’ll be spending lots of time outdoors in your garden. Imagine your... Read More

Crack the Hydrangea colour code

Crack the Hydrangea colour code

Crack the Hydrangea colour code Coaxing your hydrangeas to produce masses of blue (rather than pink) flowers may... Read More

Glorious Gardenias

Glorious Gardenias With their sweet smelling, white flowers, gardenias are the perfect flowers for your patio on a... Read More

How to Choose the Right Hydrangeas for your Garden

How to Choose the Right Hydrangeas for your Garden

In full bloom – Hydrangeas Hydrangeas (or Christmas roses, as they are affectionately referred to in South Africa)... Read More

The Romance of Fragrance

The Romance of Fragrance Of all the sensory delights that a garden offers, the most romantic of all is fragrance. While... Read More

Scent for Summer

Scent for Summer When summer arrives, take advantage of glorious evenings by entertaining under the stars. Add to the... Read More

Fabulous Fragrance for Summer Evenings

Fabulous Fragrance for Summer Evenings Summer means outdoor entertaining on warmer evenings. Enhance your entertaining... Read More

Scents of Heaven

Scents of Heaven While the shape and colour of flowers may attract immediate attention, it is the scents, intangible... Read More

Fragrant Shrubs

Fragrant Shrubs Bring the delightful scents of summer into your garden by filling your borders with fragrant shrubs.... Read More

Stunning Salvias

Stunning Salvias Whether used for attractive, aromatic foliage or for vibrantly coloured flowers, there’s a salvia... Read More

How to Make Your Garden Smell Perfume Beautiful

Imagine the scent of Narcissus and Hyacinths in the Spring; Lilies in the Summer; Chrysanthemums in Autumn and Stocks... Read More