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Garden Inspiration: Eugene’s beautiful indigenous garden

Set against the dramatic mountainous backdrop of Somerset West, with an uninhibited view of the Strand and Gordon’s... Read More

How to save water with container gardening | November 2018 | Stodels Nursery

How to save water with container gardening

With a smaller surface area for water loss and evaporation, container gardening is a growing trend and one of the best... Read More

how to care for begonia plants

Spotlight on Begonia elatior

The begonia is known for its brilliant, frilly flowers and deep green, shiny foliage. This easy-to-grow, flowering... Read More

Decorating with Indoor Plants

Decorating with indoor plants

A mass of indoor plants can transform a living space into a lush urban jungle, providing visual intrigue and a calming... Read More

How to care for your indoor palms

How to care for your indoor palms

Beautifully sleek and elegant, palms are easy to care for and add a jungle-chic tone to your home. They’re best in... Read More

Potted herb garden

Potted herb garden

There are many great reasons to incorporate herb gardening into your outdoor area. For one, they’re great to use in... Read More

Terrarium Gardening

Terrarium Gardening

Terrarium gardening is a hot urban trend that’s grown in popularity over the last few years, and it’s easy to... Read More

Small Garden? Here’s what works!

Small Garden? Here’s what works!

Small garden? No problem. Trying to create an outdoor haven in a small gardens, courtyard or apartment balcony can be... Read More

Repotting Houseplants

Repotting Houseplants

To prevent your plants from being under-supplied, they should be re-potted at regular intervals. The new pot should be... Read More

Repotting with drainage chips

How to plant in containers

After you have selected you container and plant you will need the following to pot up your container: 60% of the... Read More

Great choices for Small Gardens

Great choices for Small Gardens Planting in small gardens or on balconies can be a tricky exercise, but with the... Read More

Great ideas for Gardening in Pots

Great ideas for Gardening in Pots Planting in pots (containers), is an easy way to make a big change to your garden in... Read More

Hanging Gardens

Hanging Gardens Hanging baskets add vertical interest and height to a patio. The most common mistake made is that... Read More

Herbs for Balconies

Herbs for Balconies Live in a flat and love cooking with fresh herbs? You can grow your own herbs in containers on the... Read More

Advantages of Container Gardening

Advantages of Container Gardening Containers are increasingly being used for gardening on balconies or indoors as they... Read More

Container Magic

Container Magic Brighten up your patio, living area or around your pool with some container magic. Here are Stodels... Read More