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Celebrate winter

Celebrate winter

The long winter months are often associated with bleak, bare and colourless spaces in the garden but this need not be... Read More

A Host of Golden Daffodils

A Host of Golden Daffodils

Over 200 years ago William Wordsworth praised their beauty in one of the best known poems in the English language, and... Read More


Spring-flowering Bulbs: The Basics

It's time to get your spring-flowering bulbs into the ground! Bulbs are very easy and rewarding plants to... Read More

Your guide to heat-loving plants

It’s hot outside, but that doesn’t mean your garden has to wilt in the heat. Choose heat-loving summer annuals for... Read More

Sensational Sunflowers…

Sunflowers are incredibly rewarding flowers to grow and are another winner when it comes to gardening with kids. Either... Read More

What you need to know about Dianthus

Dianthus (also popularly known as “pinks”) is a wonderful summer annual that never fails to impress in the warmer... Read More

Plant a Cheerful Window Box

Autumn is the perfect time to plant up a window box. Fill it with cheerful winter-flowering annuals and you’ll have a... Read More

Plant and sow for Spring colour

March marks the beginning of the planting season for spring. The weather has cooled down a bit, so it’s time to sow... Read More

Festive Flowers

If you’re staying at home for the December holidays, you’ll want your garden and home to look at its best for... Read More

Pot up attractive Amaryllis

A potted amaryllis bulb makes a beautiful centerpiece for your Christmas table, or a lovely gift for a special friend.... Read More

Darling Dahlias

Dahlias are available in a striking range of colours and varieties, from miniatures, to blooms the size of large dinner... Read More

Lovely Local Spring Beauties

Spring is bulb time - that season when those unassuming (and rather unattractive) lumps that you placed in to the soil... Read More

August is Daisy Season

The daisy family, known as Asteraceae, contains approximately 1 300 genera and over 21 00 species. It’s easy to... Read More

Love your lemons

Love your Lemons

Every garden should have a lemon tree. They’re wonderfully attractive trees and once they’re established, you’ll... Read More

Collect Seeds for Spring

Collect Seeds for Spring Autumn means it’s time to collect the seeds of flowering annuals, perennials and ornamental... Read More

Rediscover Dahlias

Rediscover Dahlias Dahlias add bright and cheerful colour to the garden and their long flowering season makes them a... Read More