10 Gift Ideas for the festive season

21st November 2017


Take the anxiety out of choosing (and receiving) gifts with our top 10 stellar gift ideas, all available from Stodels.


  • This plant is ideal for any Table setting this Christmas.
  • Makes for excellent gift in a pot cover, hanging basket or bowl. See what we have available on our online store here.
  • Poinsettia’s can be planted in the garden in a semi shade area after Christmas.

Stodels Gift Card

  • A Stodels Gift Card enables your friend or loved one to choose their own present. With our wide range of products, there’s something to suit every taste…

Spathiphyllum: Peace Lillies     

  • Spathiphyllum is an ideal plant for low light areas. A popular bathroom plant that can be used anywhere in the home or office where low light is required.
  • This plant also symbolises peace.

Delicious monster

  • A beautifully structural plant that thrives in most conditions, we love this Monstera deliciosa in a white ceramic pot.

Patio Rose                        

  • Give your patio setting an instant burst of intense colour with Patio Roses, which do very well in patio containers.
  • Patio roses require bright light and can be planted out in the garden after their flowering period on the patio.                              

Money plant in terracotta pot  

  • Share prosperity, wealth and good vibes with your gift of this Money Tree, also known as the “Good Luck Tree” in Feng Shui for its ability to create positive energy (Chi or Qi).
  • This buzzy botanical loves bright, indirect, indoor light, and remember to turn it every time you water it for even growth and leafing. This plant needs consistent watering, once to twice per week, depending on how humid your climate is. Water topsoil until the water starts leaking out the drain holes.

Indoor begonias

  • Mass a few of these plants together on a table setting and you will have a stunning burst of colour on your table setting this Christmas.
  • Each plant has an abundance of flowers and come in various shades.
  • Colours range from red, orange, pink, yellow & white

Kiddies tool belt

Give the gift of gardening to a little one with this perfect starter pack, for the mini gardener.


  • Embrace the ancient art of bonsai with this mini feature plant that looks attractive in the office or home
  • Creates a sense of wellness in home and office.