Your Club Card Monthly Savings

With over R388.00 worth of savings this month, be sure to present your Stodels Club Card to your cashier to qualify for the below promotional prices.

Available from 25 March until 24 April 2017 and is subject to change, depending on availability and demand.

Ts & Cs apply.

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Gardena Adjustable Spray Nozzel R 54.95 R 44.95
Gardena Hosepipe Starter Kit (12mm) R 119.95 R 89.95
Margaret Roberts Organic Insect (200ml) R 109.95 R 84.95
Cactus (8cm) R 18.95 R 14.95
Spathiphyllum (15cm) R 89.95 R 69.95
African Violet (10cm) R 26.95 R 22.95
Cuphea mexicana mauve (15cm) R 39.95 R 29.95
Buxus Sempervirens Faulkner 15cm R 64.95 R 39.95
Assorted Herbs (12cm) R 21.95 R 19.95
Gardeners Gold Dust (5kg) R 49.95 R 44.95
Plastic Whiskey Barrel (570x310mm) R 399.95 R 334.95
Wooden Planter (300x600mm) R 229.95 R 189.95
Rooibos Mulch (15dm) R 49.95 R 39.95
Nectar Feeder No. 1 R 214.95 R 189.95
Wild Bird Seed (8kg) R 144.95 R 99.95
Natures Feeds Suet Blocks (220g) R 36.95 R 26.95
Garden Bird Seed (1kg) R 27.95 R 19.95
Flying Saucer Suet Feeder R 139.95 R 89.95