Growing from seeds has never been simpler! Grow-Nuts are handmade in South Africa using all-natural ingredients. Simply plant in the ground, water and watch your seeds grow.

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Basil, Companion Cherry Tomato/Basil, High Noon Mixed African Daisy, Namaqualand Flower Scatterings, Protea Eximia, Chamomile, Protea Repens, Curled Moss Parsley, Marigolds, Italian Parsley, Cape Market Carrot, Arctosis, Cosmos, Protea Grandiceps, Pasta Mix (Parsley, Thyme, Basil), Yellow Cherry Tomato, Chilli Mix, Seasonal Vegetable Mix, Thyme, Evergreen Grass Mix, Shadelawn Grass Mix, Gazania, Silverbeet Fordhook Giant Spinach, Saladin Lettuce, Evening Primrose