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Pansy care guide

Pansy Care Guide

It’s easy to see why pansies are one of the most-loved flowering garden plants. They provide hassle-free colour to... Read More

Plant a riot of summer colour

Seedlings are a tempting option if you want instant colour in your garden, but if you get cracking now, you can get... Read More

Heat Super Heroes

Heat Super Heroes The hot months of summer lie ahead, so it is time to fill your garden with summer seedlings that... Read More

Bulbs + Seedlings = Constant Colour

Bulbs + Seedlings = Constant Colour April means it’s time to plant spring-flowering bulbs. It’s amazing to think... Read More

Delightful Dianthus

Delightful Dianthus Dianthus is truly a flower for all seasons – it can be sowed in spring, summer and autumn and... Read More

It’s time for Pansies and Violas

It’s time for Pansies and Violas Pansies and violas are easy-to-grow winter seedlings that will add a burst of... Read More