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Potted herb garden

There are many great reasons to incorporate herb gardening into your outdoor area. For one, they’re great to use in... Read More

Marvellous Mint

Mint is one of the easiest herbs to grow, making it the perfect choice for those wishing to start a herb garden in a... Read More

Grow Your Own Lavender

Grow Your Own Lavender

Every garden should have a lavender bush – they’re easy to grow, waterwise and incredibly rewarding. But did you... Read More


Sage (scientific name salvia officinalis) comes from the Latin word “salvare”, which means “to cure”. It’s a... Read More


Nasturtiums are very easy to grow and will thrive in even the poorest garden soil, where nothing else will grow.... Read More

A-Z of Herbs and Veggies

  Anise is a natural insect repellent. Add it to bread and pasta dishes for wonderful flavour and use it when cooking... Read More