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6 low-maintenance plants for the first-time gardener | Stodels Nursery

6 low-maintenance plants for the first-time gardener

Whether you’re starting out gardening for the first time or just time-strapped, this list of low-maintenance garden... Read More

Kids’ DIY gumboot garden | Stodels Nursery

Kids’ DIY gumboot garden

Unlock your kids’ creativity with a little garden fun. This DIY for kids will encourage them to get stuck into the... Read More

growing your own vygies

Spotlight on vygies

The vygie plant, or Mesembryanthemums, are truly South Africa’s most colourful group. Their silky-textured flowers... Read More

tree sapling care

How to care for your tree sapling

It’s National Arbour Week on 3–9 September 2018 and we’re celebrating the importance of trees. Among many other... Read More

preparing for spring season gardening

Preparing to garden in spring

After a long, cold winter, we’re all itching to get back into the garden come spring! Before you break out your... Read More

Fertilising indoor plants

The importance of fertilising indoor plants is often overlooked, but regular feeding is essential for healthy,... Read More