water-wise gardening

3 steps for water wise gardening

Step One: Get water to your plants Use water wisely by getting the water directly to the plants, where they need it. ... Read More


Grow your own veggies from seeds

If you’ve never grown your own veggies before, now’s the time to start. It’s cost effective, incredibly rewarding... Read More

Gardening in shady spots

Gardening in shady spots

Feeling frustrated because nothing will grow in the shadier parts of your garden? Don’t despair… many plants... Read More

Meet the indigenous eco-warrior: Spekboom

Meet the indigenous eco-warrior: Spekboom

If you’ve been looking for a hassle-free indigenous shrub to plant, look no further than the humble Portulacaria afra... Read More

Top tips for indoor plant care

Top tips for indoor plant care

Keeping houseplants healthy can be a tricky business. Bear these tips in mind when greening your home:  Light Even... Read More

Your water-wise gardening guide

Your water-wise gardening guide

Water is a scarce resource, and South Africa is one of the 30 driest countries in the world. As we navigate the growing... Read More

What's to love about agapanthus?

What’s to love about agapanthus?

It’s always a good year for aggies. These proudly South African blooms are renowned for brightening up summer gardens... Read More

How to keep your succulents satisfied

How to keep your succulents satisfied

Although succulents are native to arid environments, most home-grown specimens need a little bit of tender loving care.... Read More

Gardening tools

Gardening tools for green fingers

Whether you’re an old hand in the garden or about to embark on a new gardening venture, green fingers are only half... Read More

Get the best out of our bonsai

Get the best out of your bonsai

The art of bonsai has been around for well over a thousand years. It first began around the year 700 AD, when the... Read More


In praise of proteas

The Cape Floral Kingdom might be the smallest of the world’s six plant kingdoms but it is also the most diverse, with... Read More


The secret to extraordinary orchids

Orchids are arguably the most spectacular of all flowering plants. Adored for their bright colours and delicate forms,... Read More

Pruning deciduous fruit trees

Pruning deciduous fruit trees

It might sound like a daunting task but if you’re determined to grow your own fruit, then you need to also tackle the... Read More

What to do about summer garden pests

When plants are stressed by high temperatures, they are far more susceptible to attacks by garden pests. Here are a... Read More

Grow your own barley

Indigenous to Europe, barley was the most important bread grain of the ancient Hebrews, Greeks and Romans. In fact, it... Read More

Top 5 water-wise bedding plants

Bedding plants are an indispensable aspect of your summer garden. They are largely responsible for giving your garden... Read More


How to save water and still have a fish pond

As we enter our second month of level 3 water restrictions, here are some handy ways to reduce the water consumption of... Read More

Parrots as pets

Parrot ownership is a greater responsibility than most new owners realise. The level of commitment to the parrot to... Read More

Winter care for your houseplants

Everyone needs a little R and R, and for houseplants winter is the time to get it. Daylight is dramatically reduced,... Read More

Green spaces for healthier, happier lives

Numerous research studies have found that people who spend time outside in green and natural spaces tend to be happier... Read More