Repotting Houseplants

To prevent your plants from being under-supplied, they should be re-potted at regular intervals. The new pot should be... Read More


Sage (scientific name salvia officinalis) comes from the Latin word “salvare”, which means “to cure”. It’s a... Read More


Marvelous mulch

Mulch is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to save water in your garden. Although it may not look or sound... Read More

Grow your own beetroot-Stodels

Grow your own Beetroot

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Waterwise Indoor Plants_Stodels

Water wise indoor plants

Every plant requires a certain amount of care, but some can put up with (or even prefer) minimal tending. These... Read More

water-wise gardening

3 steps for water wise gardening

Step One: Get water to your plants Use water wisely by getting the water directly to the plants, where they need it. ... Read More