8 Tips for Starting a Vegetable Garden

31st March 2017

There are few things as rewarding as growing – and eating – your own vegetables. Here are some tips to get you started on a great growing adventure:

Start out small – you can always expand your veggie patch as your confidence and skills improve.

Choose the right spot – your veggie garden will need to receive about 6 hours of sunlight a day. A north- or west-facing spot is ideal.

Make it accessible – garden beds should be accessible from all sides and should be no wider than 1 metre.

Prepare the soil – the effort you put into nourishing your soil will be evident in the quality of your vegetables. Dig in plenty of compost, bone meal and 2:3:2 fertiliser to a depth of about 30cm.

Start with easy growing vegetables – and choose those that are in season. Easy vegetables for summer are beans, beetroot, tomatoes, herbs and sweet peppers.

Read the instructions on the seed packet – It gives important advice regarding the planting depth, spacing and basic care of the plants.

Feed according to the vegetable variety – Root and bulb veggies need phosphates, leafy vegetables need nitrogen and fruiting vegetables need nitrogen when planted and potassium just before they flower.

Plant a new batch of veggies every 2-4 weeks – This will ensure that you have a steady supply of veggies in the months to come.

Happy growing and eating!