It’s time for Pansies and Violas

8th October 2008

It’s time for Pansies and Violas

It’s time for Pansies and Violas

Pansies and violas are easy-to-grow winter seedlings that will add a burst of colour to any spot that receives some winter sunshine. They grow very well when planted underneath deciduous trees, as this gives them sunlight in winter and partial shade when the weather warms up in spring. In these conditions, your pansy and violas plants may flower all the way up to December.

Here are some planting and care tips for growing them in your garden :

  • Add plenty of compost to the soil before planting. This will result in nutritious soil and also helps to ensure good drainage.
  • Keep the soil moist at all times, but don’t water so often that it becomes waterlogged, as this can cause the roots of your pansies and violas to rot.
  • Deadhead pansies regularly to encourage the development of new blooms.
  • The contrast between the larger pansies and smaller violas makes a striking display – try inter-planting them in rows in your garden beds.
  • Trailing pansies and violas are an excellent choice for groundcovers and hanging baskets.
  • Try planting some of the giant pansy varieties too. The ‘Mammoth’ and ‘Colossus’ varieties produce flowers with a diameter of up to 12cm, and they make great cut flowers.